Creative Connections
Workshop at Luunja Manor Days, July 2022, photo: Mana Kaasik

“Creative Connections” engages art to develop children’s social skills and mutual understanding. We will establish an educational programme that links artistic and social disciplines, create artworks that support communication and set up an international contemporary art exhibition for children.

→ Museum lesson "Close-up and Closer with Art" from autumn 2023 at the Tartu Art Museum

→ Exhibition "The Secrets of the Leaning Building" from 9 August 2024 until 2 February 2025 at the Tartu Art Museum and Tartu public space

→ "Creative Connections" symposium 9 August, 2024 at Palupera Basic School

→ “Creative Connections” family day 10 August, 2024 at Palupera Basic School and park

The project is part of the European Capital of Culture Tartu 2024 main programme.

The main organizer of the project is the Tartu Art Museum.

Participating artists:

→ Simon and Tom Bloor (UK)
Leisure: Meredith Carruthers and Susannah Wesley (Canada)
→ Lundahl & Seitl (Sweden)
→ Jaakko Autio (Finland)
Sigrid Viir and Kristiina Hansen (Estonia)
Anna-Liisa Kree (Estonia)
Jarõna Ilo (Estonia)
→ William Forsythe (USA, Germany)


→ Tartu 2024 Foundation
→ Bullying-Free School Foundation 
→ Vivita Creativity Accelerator for Kids and Youths 
→ Shaté Dance School 
→ Tartu Dance Academy 

Partner schools:

Elva Gymnasium
Kalmetu Basic School
Miina Härma Gymnasium
Otepää Gymnasium
Palupera Basic School
Põlva School
Tartu Annelinn Upper Secondary School 
Tartu Herbert Masing School
Tartu Karlova School
→ TäheTERA - Tartu Private School
Võru Kreutzwaldi School


Ministry of Culture of Estonia
Cultural Endowment of Estonia
Republic of Estonia Education and Youth Board (Harno)
Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany
Estonian Embassy in Berlin 
Nordic Culture Point 
a-n The Artists Information Company






Lundahl & Seitl, Symphony of a Missing Room, Tartu Art Museum, August 2022, photo: Christer Lundahl